Shoeboxed scans and organises your receipts, invoices and documents securely online.

After scanning everything you send us, Shoeboxed extracts the data from the pages and human-verifies the key fields required for your accounting and taxes. We're your extra set of hands for data entry, reconciling, filing, organising and more. Just send in receipts and documents by post with our reply-paid Magic Envelopes, mobile apps, email, scanner or upload.

With all your docs and data securely organised online, you'll enjoy a new level of business productivity, guaranteed. And, maybe even some extra time for afternoon tea, a walk or a visit with friends.

How Shoeboxed Works

Send in your receipts and documents, and we take it from there

Dealing with paper receipts, invoices and other documents is a hassle and waste of your valuable time. Send everything to Shoeboxed by post, mobile app, email, scanner or upload. We carefully scan your documents, extract the data from them, categorise them then upload everything into your secure account online. It's hands-free paperwork!

Data extraction, entry and human-verification

Every document you send in has the data extracted from the pages and the key expense data (date, vendor, amount, GST, payment type) are human-verified by our team in Sydney so you have accurate expense, accounting and tax data at your fingertips.

Access and export your documents and data

With all your important data organised in Shoeboxed, you're just a few clicks away from sending piles of paper clutter and important accounting or tax information directly into your preferred platform: MYOB, Xero, Saasu, QuickBooks and dozens more. Or, leave everything in Shoeboxed: your personal, searchable database.

Why Shoeboxed?

As the industry leading receipt, invoice and document scanning and data entry service, our mission is to make administering your business easier. We believe that you can and should be focused on growing your business not wrestling piles of paperwork. Don't worry about buying a new filing cabinet or hiring an intern. Just look for one of our Magic Envelopes to make your life a lot less cluttered.

Don't just take our word for it

  • If it wasn't for companies like Shoeboxed our original idea & business would have crumbled into an unorganized void of obscurity & dysfunction many years ago. Russell Eggleston, Magazine Publisher — Photo of Russell Eggleston
  • I use Shoeboxed with Xero, and it is awesome. My payables and receipt processing time has been reduced by 95%. Elton Bartel, Accountant — Photo